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Pam Harris

Home Warranty Companies

By Pam Harris / October 2, 2017 /

We strongly encourage you to research home warranty companies prior to making a selection.  Please feel free to utilize  Below please find a list of 10 companies that offer a home warranty:  Old Republic Home Protection 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty Choice Home Warranty Fidelity National Home Warranty OneGuard Home Warranties Allied…

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Business card template illustration of a technician tradesman inspector worker at work writing on clipboard with pen set inside circle done in retro style.

Home Inspectors

By Pam Harris / September 29, 2017 /

What’s a home inspection? A home inspection is when a paid professional inspector — often a contractor or an engineer — inspects the home, searching for defects or other problems that might plague the owner later on. They usually represent the buyer and or paid by the buyer. The inspection usually takes place after a…

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By Pam Harris / August 25, 2017 /

The kitchen is one area of the home that sees the most wear and tear. All the water, heat, and food spills add up quickly so it’s important to focus on quality and lasting appeal when you’re choosing materials for a kitchen remodel. Here are a few things you should avoid: Cheap Laminate Countertops: The…

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Our 14 Step Marketing Plan

By Pam Harris / August 15, 2017 /

Designed to capture the maximum exposure for your home in the shortest period of time, we’ll implement our proven 14-step marketing plan. We will: Price your home strategically so you’re competitive with the current market and price trends. Stage your home to cast a positive light on the features most important to buyers: uncluttered rooms…

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A housing crisis concept with a home in a crystal ball isolated over white. A great concept for predicting or foretelling the changes in the real estate market.

Buyer Financing Process

By Pam Harris / August 12, 2017 /

Your First Step to Becoming a Homeowner! Here’s a brief and easy way to understand the financial steps you’ll need to take to guide you towards your new home. Calculate your budget Apply for a mortgage/paperwork/loan application Lender begins processing application Lender provides booklet of estimated closing and related costs. Please make sure you ask…

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“Closing 101”:  The Seller’s Closing Process

By Pam Harris / August 5, 2017 /

The closing process finalizes the sale of your home and makes everything official. Also known as settlement, the closing is when you get paid and the buyer receives the deed to your home. Here are a few things to bring to the closing: House keys Garage door opener(s) A picture ID What can you expect?…

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Preparing Your Home For Sale

By Pam Harris / July 31, 2017 /

Did you know well-placed furniture can open up rooms and make them seem larger than they are? Or that opening drapes and blinds and turning on all lights make a room seem bright and cheery? It’s a fact: acquiring the highest market value and elevating your home above others in the same price range often…

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Agreement for appraisement

Buying Your Home – Appraisals & Market Value

By Pam Harris / April 24, 2017 /

What is the return on new versus previously owned homes?
Buying into a new-home community may seem riskier than purchasing a house in an established neighborhood, but any increase in home value depends upon the same factors: quality of the neighborhood, growth in the local housing market and the state of the overall economy. One survey by the National Association of Realtors shows that resale homes do have an edge over new homes. The trade group’s figures show the median price of resale homes increased4.3 percent between 1999 and 2000, compared to 2.8 percent for new homes in the same period.

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